I & B Talks: Skullphone – Standards

I & B TALKS with Skullphone. About life, art and Miami.
original post: 12/02/12 

Skullphone as an image describes us people really well. And since 1999 when it first appeared on the streets of LA, we people have not really changed or just got worse probably. Honestly, are you one of those who is addicted to his phone or any kind of gadget?
Hahaha… totally. I’m not pointing fingers at others, I’m pointing at myself. How else will I hash through the work appropriately.

On your website I read an interview with you and a question stood out asking what is your motto, you replied “TGIM”. Does everyday kick ass for you?
Yes pretty much every day kicks ass for me. Especially Mondays.

While you were in London for your exhibition you broke both of your feet. Do you still risk jumping from walls?
Oh God. I looked over my shoulder two days ago and said, “holy shit! I just walked 10 blocks”

You are showing in Scope Miami with Ivory & Black. Tell us your top 5 favourite spots in Miami.
Mmmmmiiiiiaaaaammmmmiiiii.  Lets see, Beach Scooter Rentals at 1341 Washington Place is the first stop to pick up cheap and easy transportation for South Beach. A common day is leaving hotel around 12pm, in the sun, with a t-shirt on, and returning at 5 am in the rain saying WTF am I thinking? The main attraction, Art Basel, the actual art fair is interesting. You should go.  What else. Swimming, stretching, running along the beach is always good but never done enough. Watch out for thousands of jellyfish –  and there were “killer amoebas” in the water 2 years ago which you wanted to keep away from your ear canals. If you are a west coast California circa 1960 art fan you might want to check out the Miami Dade Library for Words Without Thoughts Never to Heaven Go. And you can pretty much walk up to any party on the beach if you swim in. The Soho House Miami is a great starting point, from which you will be returning in the rain, on a scooter, with a t-shirt on at 5 am.

You live in LA, which is for outsiders really an either love or hate place. You leave your trademark on the city, how do you feel about living in LA?
I dig it.

Where does your technique come from for your dots works?
There wasn’t a formal painter I could reference for the technique, that I knew of. I worked for a year on the panel and paint combo that would give the desired reflective optical effect – I knew what I wanted. Some solutions were full circle, some were left field.

Can you tell me more about American Standard? It comes from Ideal Standard, which is a sanitary brand.
Yes, American Standard is a toilet and sink manufacturer, and is the Western equivalent to Britain’s Ideal Standard. Or vice versa – I don’t know which came first. The American Standard logo was appropriated years ago… since America is going down the drain, which is said tongue in cheek, but it is really isn’t it? It was then inserted into one of the Digital Media series, and figured I’d document working & traveling in the UK with the Ideal Standard response. #pisshere @skullphone #callandresponse #american #ideal #standard #digitalmedia #DTD