Nylon Magazine 5 Questions


Original Post by Josh Madden at Nylonguysmag.com: June 28, 2013

Skullphone NYC

Since 1999 LA-based artist Skullphone has been sketching, pasting, painting, posting, and, well, basically putting his iconic image on everything everywhere. This weekend the artist is releasing a capsule collection created in collaboration with action sports giant Volcom, which includes a button-up, tees, [denim], and socks. The whole thing is gonna kick off this Saturday at the Pac Sun on Broadway right here in NYC where the artist is going to be giving away his art, screenprinting stuff, giving away stickers and buttons, all kinds of rad stuff. Thanks to Skullphone himself we got ahold of some of the tees and socks ahead of time and we’re stoked to screenprint some of our own stuff this weekend! We caught up with him to chat about taking the train in LA, listening to Operation Ivy, and the Sex Pistols and a bunch more. Check out our five questions below and click HERE to get ahold of a couple of pieces from the collection that have been made available early.

What was your favorite cartoon/TV show as a kid?

What was your favorite cereal?
Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

What was the first record you bought?
I stole The Damned’s Smash It Up LP from my brother in 3rd grade.

What was the first live show/concert you went to?
Def Leppard on the Pyromania Tour.

What posters were hanging on your bedroom wall in High School?
The Operation Ivy Energy poster, the Pulp Fiction poster, you know the one with Uma Thurman.