The Standard Hollywood, Mobilize!

The Standard Hollywood, Mobilize!

photos: Shelby Duncan

Why do we make art? Why do we view the world from a decided vantage point? Why do we protest other commanding viewpoints? Who’s world is it? Who tells you what to do? Who is in control? Are you in control? Do you feel your mind’s ideas through out your physical body? Is your mind and body inseparably connected? Are you and your body communicating the same messages? Are we communicating to each other? Are we listening while speaking? Are we fueling action? Are we changing the world with our actions? What is the purpose of a sign?

For this project I painted with my eyes closed – the messages communicated as best possible while taking a visual standpoint of the “other side.” The words and images become almost indecipherable, but they are there. Keep it up, Let’s do it, and Today, Tonight, Tomorrow – words of encouragement to persevere. To have and to hold – our innermost longing for love and what we are all fighting for.