Positive Propaganda Mural, Munich Germany

October , 2017

Positive-Propaganda invited Skullphone to paint three walls in the center of Munich, Germany, with artwork from his Digital Media series. The artist dug through a database of 116,560 recent outdoor German advertisements in search of common themes. These ads were then reimagined in Skullphone’s Digital Media style, which references the digital billboard red-green-blue light grid system. Skullphone sees a future where our outdoor experience is tailored to our personal buying, viewing, and social history–rendering outdoor spaces an extension of singular or collective nearby smart objects. Similar to digital advertisements which last seconds, these outdoor images have come-and-gone on the Munich landscape, and are rendered permanent in this large format mural triptych.

Positive-Propaganda e.V. is a non-profit art association based in Munich, which is dedicated to establishing contemporary and socio-political art in urban spaces. Other artists in the Positive-Propoganda mural program include Shepard Fairey, Blu, Mark Jenkins, and Cyrcle, Liqen, and Escif.